About Us

Mobile Clean Vehicle Detailing was started in January of 2017 with the goal of giving Alaskas community a Consistent Quality of Detailing Services, Delivering smiles and making the process convenient by focusing on Mobile Auto Detailing Services in Anchorage and surrounding areas. Even though we’ve transitioned more so into ceramic coatings, the same great service and reliability is what’s to be expected! While many people enjoy being able to care for there vehicle, Alaska’s environment gives us quite the challenge! This is why another goal is to show and share knowledge with or customers in regards to best practices in auto care that match our local environment. All with the goal of helping you take pride in your ride! Along the way we’ve learned that some of the concerns customers had with detailing services in the past was: 1. Detailers that regularly showed up late without communicating to the customer. 2. Mobile Detailing businesses that didn’t show up at all. 3. Half hearted or very rushed details at full price or in excess of. 4. Not knowing what your going to pay until afterwards. 5. Vehicle damage done without saying anything. While we realize no person or business is perfect, our goal is to eliminate or greatly minimize the chances of our customers experiencing this. By facilitating consistency, accountability and an overall rewarding process for the detailer and the customer.

Thank you for checking out this page- Founder / Detailer Jonathan Nichols

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