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Ceramic Coatings Anchorage Alaska

What is paint Correction? Paint Correction is a defect removal process we recommend before applying a ceramic coating. Because ceramic coatings are a form of permanent paint protection, we want to ensure that the surface is as scratch free as possible so that the nano ceramic coating can bond properly to the car paint. This also gives your vehicles paint a new or better than new look. We know how cars here in Anchorage, AK have to endure crazy weather, and the fact is… paint defects are inevitable. We want to create the best possible finish before installing any form of permanent paint protection to keep your vehicle in TOP condition for years to come!

What is a Ceramic Coating? Ceramic Coatings are the best form of long term car paint protection. It’s like adding an extra layer of ultra strong hydrophobic & chemical resistant clear coat that covers the entire exterior of your car’s paint. Traditional car wax will protect your car for a moment, but a long term ceramic coating can protect your car’s paint for more years than most owners will even have their car. Check out more information on Ceramic Coatings right here! Did you know Ceramic coatings can save you on exterior maintenance costs and increase your vehicles value?

Are Ceramic Coatings expensive? The fact is everyone wants their car protected, but not everyone is excited to pay the larger upfront cost.. When in fact, like most other larger purchases- this can actually save you money and time on exterior maintenance as no waxing is needed for the term of your ceramic coating! Your vehicles value is increased as well, The paint is brought back to life and protected for years backed by a car-fax registration and a coating performance warranty. The more we apply ceramic coatings around the greater Anchorage area the more we learn how to work with our clients budget while still decontaminating and prepping the paint before applying long term ceramic coatings. We love speaking 1 on 1 with our customers so that we can tailor a specific paint correction and ceramic coating job to exactly what you need. Check out a range of services and pricing on our pricing page! If you are in Anchorage, Eagle River, Wasilla or Palmer, call us!

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Winter Scheduling (less than 50 degrees F) is available for vehicles and aircraft with garage, warehouse or hangar access. Mobile Clean now has garage access available at Old Seward and Dimond. Available by appointment only.